City of Inglewood


Provide a conference space for some of the country’s highest profile dignitaries with the unique requirement of needing to be both secure and comfortable for top secret meetings and discussions.


For the City Government of Inglewood, Ca., ARC designed and implemented an interconnected relationship between their Executive Conference Room and the IBC (Inglewood Broadcast Center) creating robust communication capabilities for the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) resulting in total broadcast automation, command and control. In tandem, ARC redesigned and renovated the City’s executive suite to make it capable of supporting both electronic and physical security that needed to follow rigorous EOC central command requirements. Elements included complete occupancy sensor oversight, access control systems, privacy option glass enclosures and a distinct network for use only within the walls of this chamber. The end result is a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility; pronounced “skiff”), a safe and secure footprint that is approved for use as an attractive executive conference space, both confidential and ready at all times for the next emergency at hand.

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