Encompass Digital


Upgrade and consolidate 185 channels of worldwide video services.


This system migration included a multi-pronged and systematic procedure for the consolidation, update and transfer of a complete production and teleport facility to a new location. All channels that delivered worldwide content, including A&E, MGM, Hallmark, YES, GSN, Revolt, Cinemoi and Here, required continuous broadcast capability during the relocation of services and hardware. Project management comprised design, testing, equipment procurement, installation, training and post-transfer technical support to ensure all management and staff were knowledgeable on the new architecture and equipment. Stakeholders included production facility management and staff, channel originators, equipment vendors, various municipalities including the City of Los Angeles (to manage approvals of permits for new construction, fire and earthquake considerations) plus the ARC team of engineers needed for this deployment. A detailed, milestone plan was adhered to by all parties to ensure there was no interruption of continuous operations for the client. The end result was a new and robust fiber optic system delivering global content.

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